Friday, 23 August 2013

BIG DATA - The Killer-App for Motor Dealerships

BIG DATA is a big topic at the moment in IT... and that interest is gradually working its way down the corridor to the marketing office and the boardroom.

In the Motor Retail industry new IT innovations emerge somewhat slower than other verticals because many dealers rely on partner suppliers to manage their IT.  This creates a bit of a lag in adoption of new technologies.

I doubt it will be long however before the topic of BIG DATA filters into motor dealerships because the competitive advantage it brings is compelling.  Another reason why BIG DATA technologies are likely to take off so fast in this market is because there is pent up demand in dealerships to 'get moving' with innovation.  Many of the Dealer Management Systems employed today are WAY behind the curve on technology - some are not even based on web technologies.  The fragmented information environments that dealers have to cope with day to day are embarrassing to anyone in the computer industry (on behalf of all us nerds in the software in 'sorry guys').

At NDMC we're leading the charge to introduce BIG DATA solutions into the Motor Industry and the level of interest and take-up has been rather overwhelming.  In this presentation I've provided a short summary of the role and impact of BIG DATA for anyone who's yet to encounter the technology.

I hope you find it informative and a little fun! I.

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